30 August 2013

Obesity is not dangerous for everyone

You can have a healthy metabolism even if you are overweight

ABC MagazineObesity is considered a risk factor for insulin resistance and is closely associated with disorders such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

At the same time, not all obese people develop these pathologies. The differences between those who are at higher risk and those for whom the risk is minimal, according to some scientists, may be caused by different activity of inflammatory processes occurring in the body.

Catherine Phillips (BSc, PhD) from University College Cork in Ireland and colleagues conducted a study that collected data from 2047 men and women aged 47 to 74 years, with and without obesity. They were divided into corresponding groups with a threshold body mass index of 30 kg/m2. Their metabolic state was determined by 5 parameters of cardiometabolic disorders. In addition, the level of inflammatory markers was assessed: acute phase reactants, adipocytokines, pro-inflammatory cytokines and leukocytes.

The researchers found that metabolically healthy people, regardless of obesity and without it, show low levels of the complement component C3, C-reactive protein, tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-6 and inhibitor-1 activator of plasminogen and leukocytes, as well as elevated levels of adiponectin. Regression analysis showed that in obesity, this profile of inflammatory markers is associated with a healthy metabolism. Just lowering the concentration of the C3 component of the complement by 3-3.5 times increases the probability of being in a group with a healthy metabolism, depending on the specific definition of a healthy metabolism.

The relationship between inflammatory markers and cardiometabolic disorders remains unclear. The authors of the study believe that screening for these markers may be useful for determining risk groups among obese patients, but more convincing data may be needed for the widespread spread of this practice.

Article by Catherine M. Phillips and Ivan J. Perry Does Inflammation Determine Metabolic Health Status in Obese and Nonobese Adults? published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

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