30 June 2014

ReWalk – the first among equals

The first medical exoskeleton was approved in the USA

RemediumThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has registered the first exoskeleton designed for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal injuries that led to paralysis of the lower body, according to the organization's website (FDA allows marketing of the first wearable, motorized device that helps people with certain spinal cord injuries to walk).

A motorized device called ReWalk is attached to both the patient's legs and back and helps the patient sit, stand and walk with the help of a companion. The exoskeleton consists of a metal frame, an engine that provides movement in the knee, hip and ankle joints, a tilt sensor and a control unit that houses a computer and a power source. To control ReWalk, there is a remote control that is worn on the patient's wrist and looks like a wristwatch. For additional stability, the patient needs to use crutches, the FDA said.

The FDA's decision was made after examining the results of clinical trials involving 30 patients. During the CI, the ability of patients to walk certain distances and the time spent on it were evaluated. The authors of the CI also studied the possible side effects of using the device. ReWalk has proven to be a reliable and safe device.

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