11 May 2016

Three-dimensional computed tomography

Augmented reality from EchoPixel allows doctors to study patients' organs in 3D

Vyacheslav Golovanov, GeekTimes based on TechCrunch: EchoPixel's breakthrough VR tech lets doctors look inside your body

EchoPixel has developed a technology that allows doctors to study the internal structure of patients in 3D based on scans obtained by computed tomography. Instead of the usual two-dimensional slices, specialists get access to an interactive three-dimensional environment.


The doctor can study the structure of the patient's organs on the screen of a special monitor using 3D augmented reality glasses and a stylus that allows manipulating virtual organs in three-dimensional space.


The detail of interest (tumor, polyp, tissue damage) can be twisted and viewed from all sides. At the same time, the information from the scans can be processed for convenience – for example, to zoom out and zoom in, or even print the selected area of tissue or organ on a 3D printer to study it physically.

The increase will especially help when looking for problems in the body of infants. Clinical trials of the technology showed that doctors were able to find with its help 90% more congenital heart defects, spending 40% less time on it. It is also much easier to select the instruments that will be used during the surgical operation with its help. For example, the average time for selecting the diameter of stents (tubes inserted into ducts to prevent their blockage) has been reduced from 40 minutes to two.

Due to the fact that augmented reality glasses are used instead of a virtual reality helmet, the surgeon can use the system right during the operation, without taking off his glasses, and periodically glancing at the monitor. In the future, the company plans to use the technology as a remote manipulator for robots that will make incisions and other actions with great accuracy, while the surgeon will control them using actions on a virtual model.

The startup received funding in the amount of $ 5.8 million. He offers his technology to everyone by subscription, the cost of which is $ 25,000 per year.

EchoPixel has already received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, and is now working on obtaining licenses in European and Asian countries.

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