23 November 2012

A positive attitude towards aging is good for health

Researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine conducted a study that involved 598 people aged 70 years and older who did not have a disability at the time of inclusion in the work.

Observation of the condition of participants divided into two groups with opposite views on aging showed that, compared with a negative attitude to aging, a positive one increases the probability of recovery from severe diseases by 44%.

The degree of recovery was assessed by the ability to perform four daily actions: taking a bath, dressing, getting up from a chair and walking.

Effective performance of all these manipulations is associated with a lower frequency of use of devices for patient care and a longer life expectancy. The results were evaluated taking into account a number of factors, including the age and level of education of patients.

The authors believe that a positive attitude to aging can contribute to the recovery of the body through several mechanisms: reducing the severity of reactions of the cardiovascular system to stress, improving physical balance, strengthening self-confidence and greater involvement in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Article by Becca R. Levy et al. Association Between Positive Age Stereotypes and Recovery From Disability in Older Persons is published in the journal JAMA.

Evgeniya Ryabtseva
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