17 May 2016

Clinical studies of geroprotectors

"They just rest 2 days a week and are very happy"


What is interesting about clinical studies of a drug that cures 10 diseases in animals and, perhaps, even able to influence the aging process? Correspondent STRF.ru I tried to find out from one of the inventors of the drug, Maxim Skulachev, an employee of the Research Institute of the Moscow State University. For several years, "Visomitin" has been sold in pharmacies as a cure for "dry eye" and age-related cataracts, but scientists hope that other serious diseases will soon succumb to it. Now they, together with doctors, are trying to prove that the active substance is not harmful to people if taken orally. 

Recently, researchers have been able to determine by what mechanism it works at the cellular level. The corresponding article was published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.

– Maxim, who are those patients who have now agreed to undergo a test of a substance that is generally unknown to them by taking it inside?

– The funny thing is that people know about our project, so if I announced: "Hello, we are looking for talents!", now it would be the turn for this test. Because the substance is positioned against aging. I offered my services as a volunteer to the hospital, which actually conducts these studies in Moscow, and said: let's place an ad! The doctors drove me away with a filthy broom…

This study is conducted to prove the safety of the drug and participants should not be motivated to hide side effects. The main task now, on the contrary, is to detect them, if they exist.

And if a convinced person comes who believes in prolonging life, he may simply not tell about the inconveniences experienced.

There is such a category of people – professional drug testers on themselves. Moreover, in our study, for example, we take only men aged 20 to 45 years. It is believed that this is the strongest category of the population. Women, in principle, are more valuable, so you can't try drugs on them.

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