12 May 2015

How to take care of yourself so that your skin ages more slowly

"Men age slower because they shave"

Anna Lozinskaya, "Newspaper.Ru»

Olivier Courtin-Claran, Executive Director of Clarins,
son of the founder of the famous cosmetics empire Jacques Courtin,
by education, an orthopedic surgeon. Photograph: Press service

While Olivier Courtin-Claran was demonstrating in Moscow a new serum of his own line Mu Blend, we asked him about why the skin actually ages, whether wine makes us more beautiful, what is the concept of individual care and what breakthroughs to expect from cosmetology in the future.

– Where to start to become your personal cosmetologist?

– First of all, you need to analyze the condition of your skin, learn to understand what she needs, feel her needs.

– Are there things that everyone needs – regardless of climate, age, living conditions?

– Yes, of course. Everyone's skin is aging, and the most interesting thing for me is to deal with this process and understand how it can be slowed down. There is a direct connection between nerve cells and protective skin cells. The destruction of this connection entails accelerated aging of the skin. Therefore, I believe that each cream should contain components that protect this connection between cells. There are such components in our creams. However, I have nothing to brag about to the supporters of organic cosmetics: I have not found herbal ingredients that would be as effective as synthetic ones. We use peptides.

– Is it possible to make some lifestyle changes so that the skin ages more slowly?

– Lifestyle really affects the condition of the skin. Improper nutrition, ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution, smoking – all this accelerates aging. Get rid of all this – protect the skin.

– How about a glass of red wine a day, which is usually recommended – does it help?

– Everything is fine in moderation: a glass of red or white from time to time – why not? But if you abuse, then in addition to the fact that it is bad for health, it is also bad for the skin, because it leads to the formation of free radicals, and you have to additionally protect the skin from their destructive effects.

– As a doctor, do you agree that real beauty is primarily health?

– In order to be beautiful, you need to be healthy. But in the opposite direction, this statement also works: sometimes it is necessary to feel beautiful for good health. When I worked in the hospital, I often visited the oncology department where women were undergoing chemotherapy. Cosmetologists and makeup artists regularly came to the patients of this department: they made face masks, makeup and all that. Inviting them was the idea of doctors who discovered that when women take care of themselves, feel beautiful, treatment becomes more effective.

– Everyone is concerned about the question: is it really possible to stop skin aging?

– Recently I invented, for example, a rejuvenating roller: it looks like a man's razor, but there are no blades in it, you can use it to do facial massage. Have you noticed that if you look at a man and a woman of the same age, then a man has fewer wrinkles? Their skin, that is, ours, ages more slowly because we shave every day. The shaving process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to maintain elasticity. This, of course, does not happen for women, so I developed a video specifically for them.

– And how to massage your face properly?

– By no means aggressive: if you come to a cosmetologist for a massage and he starts rubbing or stretching your skin, run from there as soon as possible.

– It's finally getting warmer here. How to properly protect your skin from the sun?

– It is better to use not special protective means, but a makeup base containing sunscreen filters: it is applied after the usual moisturizer. There are much more minerals in the base, while sunscreens contain filters of synthetic origin.

– And what do you think about such universal products as BB creams and CC creams, which simultaneously care for the skin and even out the tone?

– BB cream is a very interesting product. I like that it combines the functions of both a moisturizer and a foundation. In my opinion, it is better to use it at all than a dense foundation. But what confuses me is how much advertising and hype there is around such creams. Remember, there have been moisturizing creams with a tone for a long time! For me, this is a typical BB cream. Because of the advertising, people think that BB cream is some kind of amazing innovation, but in fact it all existed for a long time, only it was called differently.

– You are promoting a completely different concept of self-care: your line is designed for individual selection of products based on the needs of the skin here and now. Do you want to give women more independence?

– Not really. In order to determine the needs of the skin, you still need the advice of a specialist. But I am in favor of a woman not just coming to the store and buying a cream, but finding out what suits her, coming home and making the cream herself. It's more interesting, besides, I hope that women will take care of themselves regularly, because choosing a serum and making a cream is fun and fun. In addition, it is, of course, a question of efficiency: a tool selected specifically for you is more effective than what is being done for everyone.

– There is another brand, the Italian Bakel, which uses the same idea of independently creating care products by adding the right serum to the base cream. Is it possible to say that this is turning into a trend?

– I think so. Although I insist that we were the first. (Laughs.) The revolution in cosmetology is just beginning, and I am glad about it, because this concept is the future.

– Do you think the idea of individual care will enter the mass market?

"I suppose it's possible. If such funds are quite expensive now, it is because they are produced in small quantities. When women are convinced that individually selected and formulated care products are more effective than what they use now, their needs will increase, demand will increase, supply will also increase, and the price will fall.

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