14 May 2015

Train your brain!

Mind games: thanks to simple exercises
an elderly Japanese woman easily beat a journalist in tests

Copper news based on Air Force materials: Trounced by a brain-training octogenarianAdam Shaw, a BBC journalist, went to Sendai, Japan, to meet with Ryuta Kawashima.

He is a well-known neuroscientist who studies areas of the brain responsible for emotions, language, memory and cognition. In addition to academic work, the professor cooperates with the computer company Nintendo, which has released games for the development and maintenance of brain abilities – Brain Game.

Ryuta Kawashima became widely known after the publication of the book "Train Your Brain: An Improved Brain in 60 Days" (Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain). More than two and a half million copies of the book have been sold, and the development of Nintendo has sold 19 million copies.

Now the scientist is working with groups of elderly people to determine how to keep brain functions at a high level in old age. Kawashima believes that brain plasticity is present not only in young people, but even in patients with dementia. However, the structure of the modern world allows the brain to be "lazy" and not work at full capacity. Doing simple, frequently repeated operations, even simple addition and subtraction, can correct this. Despite the skepticism of some colleagues, his technique can be useful to anyone.

Adam Shaw decided to compete with the 80-year-old "student" of Kawashima Endo Tokiko. The brain activity of both was monitored by a scanner. Although the journalist was almost half the age of her rival, she still managed to answer the test questions much faster. In addition, after deciphering the work of the brain, it turned out that Adam Shaw had laid out and worked at his limit. Endo Tokiko, on the other hand, used a very small part of her reserves.

The journalist was left amazed that only 15 minutes of brain training a day allowed the elderly lady to win. He jokes that he had to check the name of Kawashima's student from the notes for the article, whereas she and her brain undoubtedly remembered his name easily and for a long time.

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