28 November 2023

Doctors have named the top 3 Japanese food traditions that ensure longevity

Life expectancy in Japan is one of the highest in the world, the country is in the "80-year-old club", as the average Japanese lives about 82 years. One of the factors contributing to longevity is proper food. On the eve of Washoku Day (Japanese Cuisine Day), which was celebrated last weekend, experts reminded about the most useful food habits of Japanese families.

1. Seaweed

The Japanese eat seaweed and other seaweeds in rolls, sushi, soups and even - in dried form - instead of chips. These are all iodine-rich foods (and other beneficial trace minerals, too, by the way). "This habit is definitely worth adopting - the lack of iodine in the body of every second Russian", - explain the authors of the channel. By the way, Russian seaweed, as well as oriental "chuka" - remain available and cheap products.

2. Desserts without sugar

Japanese "goodies" may not even immediately seem like desserts to you - they are not sweet at all, because there is no added sugar in them, only the natural sweetness of seasonal fruits. And if flour is used in them, it's usually rice flour. This combination will protect you from extra centimeters in the waist (the Japanese are one of the slimmest nations in the world), lower cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Eating is a ritual

For the Japanese, eating a meal with friends in a hurry is akin to an insult. Here it is customary to eat many dishes at one meal, but in small portions, to relax, to share news. For the Japanese, eating is a form of recreation, and the main thing here is not the amount of food eaten. When you eat slowly, you minimize the risk of overeating and satisfy your hedonistic hunger (get maximum pleasure, and at the biochemical level - the body produces healthy hormones). And as a result, you are in no danger of getting fat.

To these three rules of healthy eating you can also add the habit of eating more fish than meat, tea ceremony (tea is brewed in a special way to preserve all the useful substances to the maximum), as well as a large proportion of fermented foods (including the famous soy sauce and tofu - soy curd) - they provide healthy digestion.

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