20 July 2010

Alcohol and stroke

Alcohol doubles the risk of stroke within the first hourABC magazine based on the materials of Stroke: Alcohol and Acute Ischemic Stroke Onset.
The Stroke Onset Study.

Numerous studies demonstrate that moderate alcohol consumption – no more than two doses of alcoholic beverages (drinks) per day for men and one for women – is even beneficial for the body, including reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. (1 drink is equal to about 330 ml of beer, or about 120 ml of wine, or about 40 ml of spirits, or 18 ml of pure ethanol.)

However, researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston have shown that just one dose of beer, wine or spirits an hour after consumption doubles the risk of stroke, and only a few hours later the cardiovascular system is restored to its original state.

Scientists conducted a survey of 390 patients three days after all of them were diagnosed with ischemic stroke. Most often, this disease develops with a blockage of a vessel located in the brain. The study did not include patients whose speech suffered as a result of a stroke.

14 of the respondents reported that they had taken alcohol within an hour before the stroke, 104 people had consumed alcohol during the previous day, and 248 reported that they had drunk even more for the last time before the disease, up to a year.

Calculations have shown that the risk of stroke is 2.3 times higher during the first hour after taking alcohol, 60% higher during the second hour, after which it gradually decreases to the norm, which is taken as the condition of people who did not take alcohol during this period.

It is possible, scientists suggest, that alcohol quickly increases blood pressure for a short time or affects the ability of blood to form blood clots, and high blood pressure and increased blood clotting may well cause a stroke.

Now scientists propose to conduct a study of the effect of alcohol on the risk of stroke during the previous 6 months before the disease.

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