17 June 2022

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Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of early mortality by up to 50%

Svetlana Maslova, Hi-tech+

Scientists have presented new data on how long sitting is dangerous for health. The standard nine-hour work schedule in the office turned out to be a serious risk factor for fatal cardiovascular diseases.

An international group of scientists conducted a study involving more than 100 thousand people from 21 countries with income levels from high to low. For an average of 11 years, they followed healthy men and women aged 35 to 70 to find out how different hours of sitting a day would affect their health in the long run. The article by Li et al. Association of Sitting Time With Mortality and Cardiovascular Events in High-Income, Middle-Income, and Low-Income Countries is published in the journal Jama Cardiology, a press release can be read on the website of Simon Fraser University.

Scientists analyzed the level of activity and sitting during the day and came to the following conclusions: compared with the control group (sitting time up to 4 hours a day), a sedentary lifestyle increased the risks of cardiovascular diseases and mortality from 12 to 50%.

Six to eight hours of sitting a day increased the risks by 12-13%, more than eight hours by about 20%.

For the most passive participants, the risks reached 50%, but they could be compensated by physical activity. So, people sitting for many hours a day, but at the same time active after work, reduced their risks from 50% to 17%.

According to scientists, passive sedentary lifestyle accounts for 8.8% of all deaths, which is close to the contribution of smoking (almost 11%). "However, this global problem has a surprisingly simple solution. Plan your day to study," concluded co—author Scott Lear.

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