24 October 2013

Bowflex Boost

Inexpensive bracelet for monitoring physical activity

Vladimir Paramonov, CompulentaRecently, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the three most popular physical activity trackers (however, there are exactly as many of them) – Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex bracelets.

These gadgets cost from $ 100 to $ 150.

Today we will talk about another similar product – the $50 Bowflex Boost bracelet, which stands out primarily for its price.

Bowflex Boost Fitness Tracker (here and below the manufacturer's images).Thanks to the built-in sensors, Bowflex Boost allows you to measure the distance traveled, count the number of steps and calories burned, as well as evaluate the quality and duration of sleep.

All information is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to an application for the iOS operating system, where it is displayed as graphs. Over time, the user will be able to view weekly, monthly and annual statistics.

The software allows you to set daily tasks: as they are completed, the LED indicator on the bracelet will change color from red to yellow and green. The control is carried out with one button, which allows you to find out the current progress (the indicator lights up), put the bracelet into sleep mode or activate data synchronization.

Bowflex Boost is made in a moisture-proof case, which allows you not to take it off in rainy weather or in the shower. But the manufacturer still does not recommend doing water sports with a bracelet.

The battery charge is allegedly enough for 11 days of use; recharging is done via a USB port.

The Boost app (here and below are the LiveScience images).The advantages of Bowflex Boost include thoughtful design and wearing comfort: the bracelet, made in a silicone case, fits the wrist well, and the ability to choose a size from 14 options allows you to fit the gadget to any hand.

Another undoubted advantage, as already mentioned, is the price.

But, I think, there are certain inconveniences. Those who have worked with the device report that it is not always possible to put the gadget into sleep mode or activate synchronization the first time, because to perform these actions you need to hold the button on the bracelet pressed for three and five seconds, respectively. The mobile application is currently designed only to work with devices running on the iOS operating system version 6 and higher. The program does not give recommendations for improving lifestyle and does not allow you to compare your results with the achievements of other users.

If you evaluate Bowflex Boost on a 20-point scale, then you can assign a solid "ten" to the bracelet. For comparison, the mentioned Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex trackers received 12, 13 and 14 points, respectively, according to the same system.

Prepared based on the materials of LiveScience – Bowflex Boost: Fitness Tracker Review.

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