17 June 2014

Do you want to lose weight? Try hypnosis instead of surgery!

A woman from Sevastopol was lied to under hypnosis that they had done a gastric constriction.
And she is losing weight successfully!Kakmed.com

Forty-five-year-old Nikola lost a little more than 18 kilograms of excess weight after a hypnotist "hammered" into the memory of an obese patient the idea that she allegedly had a bariatric gastric constriction operation.

A resident of that foreign city of Sevastopol, which is located in British Wales, Mrs. Nicola Pritchard, is sure that such treatment is an excellent alternative to the ruin of the household budget, which occurs when a losing weight goes under the knife of a surgeon who throws a preventive garrote on the stomach. That is, the Welsh woman would have spent almost 6,000 pounds more on surgery and postoperative care than on the service of a hypnosis master.

After the operation, the patient's stomach could have hurt for a long time, and the hypnosis session seemed to Mrs. Pritchard a very pleasant and refreshing oblivion. In the course of oblivion, the doctor persuaded Nikola to stop loving sweets and fall in love with vegetables and porridges. At the same time, he taught me to get full faster and eat slowly.

A hypnotist from Cardiff, 41-year-old Simon English, says that a serious fashion is now emerging for such treatment of eating disorders. There are more and more clients of a therapist with a special gift. A course of five hour hypnosis sessions costs 350 pounds.

During the suggestion session, the doctor tells the patients about what allegedly happens to them during the operation. They say, a nurse came here, measured your blood pressure, but you are being taken to the operating room. Etc. At the end of the session, patients feel as if a constriction has appeared in their stomach. But they do not experience any pain or discomfort.

Simon English is approached by up to 20 clients a week. He asks all of them to imagine an imaginary bariatric surgeon – so that it was the image of a person whom the patient trusts. This ensures the success of the imaginary "operation". The doctor says that many clients choose even mythological characters for the role of such a surgeon. For example, Jesus Christ or Harry Potter.

Losing weight effortlessly, Nicola Pritchard does not hide from journalists that she wanted to make a gift to her beloved husband for his 50th birthday, and appear on the beach in the Maldives on this occasion in a spectacular bikini. That's the motivation.

Before (with her husband, in the Maldives or not – it is unknown) and after. Pictures from the article
'I was hypnotised into believing I had a gastric band and lost 3st!',
published on the WalesOnline – VM website.

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