01 July 2011

Instead of charging – a glass of red?

Red wine: physical exercise in a bottle?
Elvira Koshkina, Compulenta

Scientists from the University of Strasbourg (France) have discovered another amazing property of resveratrol – a compound contained in the peel and bones of red grapes.

It turns out that this natural polyphenol is able to prevent the negative effect of hypokinesia during space flights and hypodynamia with a sedentary lifestyle. This means that red wine can be considered the "liquid" equivalent of physical exercise, so necessary for the human body to maintain all functions.

The experiments were conducted on rats: the researchers simulated weightlessness by hanging rodents by their hind limbs and tail. Some animals received oral resveratrol daily. At the end of the experiment, the rats from the control group had a weakening and a decrease in the mass of the flounder muscles, the development of insulin resistance, loss of bone mineral density and resistance to fractures. But the "resveratrol" group did not have any of these complications, which can turn into serious health problems.

The results of the experiment indicate that resveratrol can be used as a "food countermeasure" in space flights, but before these effects of polyphenol should be tested in humans.

A report with the results of the study is published in the FASEB Journal (Momken et al., Resveratrol prevents the wasting disorders of mechanical unloading by acting as a physical exercise mimetic in the rat).

It is worth recalling other useful properties of resveratrol. Thus, it is believed that he is responsible for the so-called French paradox: the French, passionate fans of red wine, quite rarely have coronary heart disease, even in those whose diet is replete with saturated fats. It has also been proven that resveratrol inhibits the aging process, promotes recovery after a viral infection, prevents the formation of blood plaques and fights cancer.

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