08 February 2024

What trouble to expect from gadgets before bedtime

A modern smartphone contains everything a person needs: communication with loved ones, photo albums, hobbies and even work. However, gadgets can also cause serious harm to the user.

Rospotrebnadzor said that 94% of tested cell phones have excessive "bacterial contamination". Staphylococcus aureus gets on the displays from human hands. At the same time, it is possible to get the germ into the body by touching the eye or nose after using the phone. To avoid infection, it is necessary to treat the smartphone itself and the case with an alcohol-based antiseptic.

Another danger is the blue color, which is emitted by the screens of devices. It impairs the production of melatonin - a hormone that "turns off" the human body with the onset of darkness. Therefore, it makes sense to turn on the blue color filter in gadgets. It is important to take breaks from working with a computer or laptop every 2-3 hours.

At the same time, the levels of electromagnetic radiation from modern gadgets that have the appropriate certificates do not exceed the permissible norms. Negative impact on the tension of the visual analyzer have a type of fonts, the size of letters, the brightness of the screen, clarity and contrast of the image, said Oleg Mitrokhin, head of the Department of General Hygiene Institute of Public Health Sechenov University. As for those who like to listen to music in headphones at maximum volume, which reaches 110-130 dB, they risk ruining their hearing, as a person can tolerate noise up to 80 dB without much harm. Higher values are already harmful to him.

There are now at least 2.2 billion cases of visual impairment or blindness worldwide. Among the main factors of this, the World Health Organization has singled out high visual loads caused, in particular, by prolonged use of gadgets. One of the consequences of constant "sticking" in the phone or computer can be a failure of "autofocus", which can lead to the risk of myopia.

If you listen to loud music in headphones for several hours every day, you fall into the risk group. The fact is that this mode of use of headphones seriously damages auditory sensory cells and develops sensorineural hearing loss. In this case, it is difficult to determine the volume level independently, so modern smartphones warn the user if the sound has exceeded the permissible threshold.

In addition, problems can bring monotonous work on the mouse and keyboard, because the human joint is in a fixed state, because of which there is carpal tunnel syndrome, expressed in numbness of the hand and aching pain. Also, the use of a smartphone with a small diagonal can contribute to this, because the person works in one-handed mode instead of two-handed mode.

To prevent this problem from leading to physical therapy or even surgery at a hand surgeon with rehabilitation for several months, one should exercise regularly, paying special attention to warming up the wrists.

Real physical harm can also be caused by fake chargers, which at best will simply burn, and at worst will ignite or explode. Every year there are several cases of people dying from a charger that caught fire.

It is almost impossible to distinguish a fake charger from a genuine one, and therefore it is recommended to buy such devices not from online stores, but from well-known manufacturers or large retail chains, where employees monitor the quality of their goods.

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