16 February 2024

A nutritionist called the biggest mistake of all weight-lossers the "carbohydrate bomb"

Everyone knows about the harm of sweet sodas today. But many people still consider fruit juices, morsels and compotes to be useful. But all of these are "carbohydrate bombs" that we simply do not think about, warns nutriciologist, fitness coach Sergei Metalnikov.

"The main misconception of all thinners is that food is to blame for the overweight. And what about drinks? Liquid, what will happen to it. But is it really so? Let's figure it out!" - wrote Metalnikov. He referred to a study conducted at a US university led by Professor Richard Mattes. Scientists decided to find out whether there is a difference between liquid and solid carbohydrates in their effect on body weight.

"It would seem: you drink, you fill the space in your stomach, you eat less. Beauty! But in fact it turned out that the familiar to all "harmless" juices, compotes and morses not only do not reduce the amount of food eaten. On the contrary, they increase it. Participants of the study along with tasty drinks unknowingly piled on fatty and protein products," writes Metalnikov.

As a result, the total energy intake - daily calorie intake, which try to control all followers of healthy lifestyle - increased by about 17%. Naturally, all subjects gained weight by the end of the experiment.

"It is also interesting that chewing itself causes a feeling of satiety, so liquid meals purely psychologically do not satiate. In addition, drinks pass more quickly through the digestive tract - 30-40 minutes is enough. During this time they give weak signals of satiety, which means that we continue to want to eat," - said the expert.

Another curious fact: the feeling of satiety depends not only on the caloric content of the dish, but also on our perceptions of its caloric content. For example, 12 out of 15 study participants claimed that marmalade seemed to them more satiating than a drink, although in fact it was the opposite.

Finally, another threat is that we are used to drinking large volumes at once. It is enough to remember that in any coffee shop drinks are offered not only in the usual volume of 200 ml (it is now considered small), but also in the average - 300 ml and large - 500 ml. And it is the "big" drink that we often prefer.

"In a liter of apple juice, 105 g of carbohydrates, which is equal to 420 kcal. Let's add a hot dish and something of an appetizer. A thousand calories at a sitting is provided," states Metalnikov.

Therefore, he recommends to reduce the use of all sweet drinks - not only cola and other sodas, but also juices, morsels, compotes. It is better to drink tea, coffee or water. And if you really want juice, don't drink glasses of it.

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