22 May 2023

What you shouldn't eat tomatoes with: Joints break down even faster

Tomatoes are in demand at any time of year. Tomatoes grown without harmful additives have a lot of health benefits. But there are pitfalls as well.

As nutritionist nutritionist Irina Mansurova said in an interview with aif.ru, you should be extremely careful with tomatoes for joint diseases - arthritis and arthritis.
There are two substances that adversely affect bones and joints - solanine and oxalic acid. Both are present in tomatoes.

Solanine, found in the green part of the red tomato, is a representative of a natural poison that helps the plant defend itself against disease-causing organisms. However, for humans, solanine threatens to develop inflammatory reactions, allergic attacks, GI problems and toxic poisoning. As for the joints, tomatoes with a high concentration of solanine provoke an exacerbation of the existing symptoms of arthritis or arthrosis.

The insidiousness of oxalic acid is that it can destroy cartilage tissue and impairs the absorption of useful fats that help to restore the elasticity of joints.

Oxalic acid and solanine are least abundant in small tomatoes.

Also, people with joint problems should avoid onions, beets, potatoes, rhubarb and spinach, the nutritionist noted. You should not get addicted to tea and coffee. Combinations of these foods aggravate the situation.

Earlier, nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko explained what foods and drinks are the most important for the joints. "The most important thing is water! Joints need it like we need air. Therefore, try to drink no less than one and a half liters of pure water a day," the specialist pointed out.

Joints need vitamin C, by the way, it is especially abundant in summer berries and fruits. In autumn, the doctor advises to stick to rose hips, citrus fruits and sauerkraut.
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