26 December 2012

The doctor who is always with you

Wrist touch screen will allow doctors to remotely monitor patients

GizmonewsOpportunities in the world of medicine have already reached considerable.

For example, an injured patient can be examined through a special visual interface using a regular smartphone or other small device. The new gadget will allow you to examine patients without even approaching them, and do all this remotely.

Developed by Sotera Wireless, the ViSi Mobile device is a small health monitor equipped with a color display that can be attached to a patient's arm to monitor their health in real time. The device monitors blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and skin temperature. The patient's name is also written on the display and a dynamic graph is shown that shows the current state of health. ViSi has absolutely no time limits in use, it will collect all information about the patient 24 hours a day. At the same time, the patient himself can go anywhere, since the device is always on his hand. And the gadget is also waterproof.

In turn, doctors will be able to monitor the health of patients remotely via a PC, tablet or smartphone. If the patient suddenly becomes ill, the doctor will immediately know about it. However, as for the operating system, the developers are still silent about which OS their invention will work with. But, nevertheless, Sotera has already received permission from the US Department of Health to sell its creation to hospitals. So soon, perhaps, we will see this innovation in action.

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