26 August 2013

The satiety hormone will not help fat people

Scientists have established which appetite hormone misfires in overweight people

RIA NewsA hormone called glucagon, involved in the regulation of appetite, stops working in the body of overweight people, depriving them of a sense of satiety, scientists from Germany have found, whose work is published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (Arafat et al., The Impact of Insulin-Independent, Glucagon-Induced Suppression of Total Ghrelin on Satiety in Obesity and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, in the public domain – VM).

A snapshot from a note with a popular presentation of the article on the Medical Daily website:
Obesity May Be Caused By A Fault "Appetite Hormone," Study Finds – VM.

The primary function of glucagon produced by the pancreas is to release stored glucose in the body when the blood sugar level becomes too low. However, there is evidence that this hormone also plays a role in controlling food intake and feeling full, signaling the body to lower levels of other appetite hormones such as ghrelin.

"When a person gains excess weight or is obese, glucagon no longer causes a feeling of satiety," says Dr. Ayman Arafat from the Charite–University Medicine in Berlin.

In their experiment, the researchers studied appetite and glucagon levels in 11 overweight people, 13 people with type I diabetes and 13 lean people. All participants received either glucagon injections or placebo. The feeling of satiety was measured using a questionnaire scale and using measurements of the "appetite hormone" – ghrelin – in the body.

The feeling of satiety was no different in overweight people who received glucagon and those who received a placebo. At the same time, the lean participants or diabetics felt significantly more full after receiving the hormonal drug. The reaction persisted even 24 hours after the hormone was administered.

"These results may help in the search for new drugs against obesity and diabetes. However, it should be understood that the use of glucagon to reduce the level of food consumption may be ineffective in overweight people," the author clarifies.

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