20 March 2024

Scientists have warned of the health and sleep dangers of hot showers

The habit of frequent hot showers harms the skin and hair, spoils night sleep and aggravates some diseases. These are the results of a study by British scientists, writes the Daily Star.

The study was commissioned by a large company producing bathroom fixtures - from small accessories to showers and Jacuzzis. Scientists determined not only the degree of convenience of different types of water procedures, but also their health benefits. It turned out that the modern standard of frequent washing, and even hot water with all kinds of detergents has a negative impact on health.

Scalding hot daily washing deprives the hair and body of its natural protective fat film and leads to dry, flaky and itchy skin, brittle, dull hair and split ends. Conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can worsen significantly after a hot shower," the report said.

The high water temperature can put extra strain on the heart, and those who already have cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension, risk hypertensive crisis and fainting. And a fall in the shower has the potential for serious injury, scientists warn.

Evening hot showers can disrupt sleep. "Although hot water may seem relaxing at first, the increase in body temperature disrupts the body's natural cooling process necessary for sleep," the report notes.

The scientists did not overlook the heavy use of shampoos and shower gels.

"The comfort and instant gratification derived from a hot shower can actually act as a two-pronged stick, potentially affecting skin and cardiovascular health in the long term. Opting for shorter, cooler showers can help minimize these risks," the experts concluded.

The endocrinologist gave some tips on how to bathe properly:

- favor warm rather than hot water

- reduce the time spent in the shower

- It is not necessary to use a washcloth and soap every time

- Change clothes more often. In most cases, this can solve many problems like sweat odor

"Of course personal hygiene is important, but it doesn't have to be manic. The only thing that definitely needs to be washed several times a day is your hands," concluded the doctor.

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