28 November 2023

A doctor has named the mistake of eating lemon

Sergey Vyalov, candidate of medical sciences, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, explained whether it is worth drinking water with lemon and count on it to change the acidity in the stomach and eliminate inflammation, which, if left untreated, is dangerous, including oncology.

According to the expert, hydrochloric acid does not interact with citric acid and in the stomach in terms of alkalinization and acidification exactly nothing happens.

However, people continue to drink water with lemon and say that it makes them feel better. This happens, agreed the doctor, but emphasized that it is not necessary to substitute concepts and try to explain the improvement of well-being just the change in acidity.

"And not what actually happens in the stomach," - said Sergei Vyalov, adding that in fact the following happens: lemon contains citric acid and various essential oils with phytoncides, which as a result and determines the effect on the body from the drink.

Usually lemon is diluted in water, this creates a filling of the stomach volume. In this way citric acid and other substances reach all parts of the stomach and have a stimulating effect on them.

"Only it is not the production of acid that is stimulated, but the tone, motility, contractions and peristalsis of the stomach. So it seems to many people that they recover," explained the gastroenterologist.

But this is only temporary relief from symptoms, not restoring acidity and not eliminating inflammation.

But inflammation of the stomach - "the story is dangerous, it leads to oncology too."

The doctor specified that the real decrease in acidity is a sign of atrophy, along with which there is iron deficiency and anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency.

"And the timing of oncology development is slow enough, but time with gastritis flies fast and yourself will not notice how 5 years will pass," - warned the doctor, once again emphasizing that it is important to work on the problem with the gastrointestinal tract with a specialist, and not procrastinate, dealing with the elimination of symptoms with the help of folk remedies.

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