09 July 2013

A child with a trachea grown from stem cells has died in the USA

Copper newsOn July 6, a two-year-old girl died in the United States, who had a trachea transplanted from her own stem cells three months ago.

As stated in the message Hannah's Story posted on the website of the Children's Hospital of Illinois (Children's Hospital of Illinois), Hannah Warren (Hannah Warren) – the youngest patient in the world who underwent such an operation – "could not overcome the complications that manifested after the main problem with her health was solved". According to AP, referring to the blog of the girl's parents, we are talking about pulmonary insufficiency (Toddler with lab-made windpipe dies).

Hannah Warren was born on August 22, 2010 in Seoul (South Korea). Immediately after birth, the girl was diagnosed with "tracheal agenesis" – the child completely lacked a trachea. Children with such a malformation of intrauterine development usually do not survive. Hannah was immediately intubated to allow breathing, but the prognosis for the baby was negative.

When Hannah was a month old, her parents, Canadian Darryl Warren and Korean Lee Yunmi, met Mark Holterman, a pediatric surgeon from Children's Hospital of Illinois who visited Seoul, who later helped them contact Paolo Macchiarini, the world's leading specialist in regenerative medicine specializing in trachea. Hannah's parents did not have the financial means to pay for the operation at the medical center in Stockholm (Sweden), where Macchiarini works. However, Holterman managed to negotiate with Macchiarini and the hospital administration to conduct the procedure at Children's Hospital of Illinois at the expense of the medical institution. The team of surgeons was headed by Macchiarini.

Stem cells were isolated from the bone marrow of the girl, from which the trachea was then grown on a plastic frame for several days. On April 9, the organ was implanted into the child's chest. Hannah became the youngest patient in the world to have such an operation.

"Although the use of regenerative medicine methods in pediatrics remains in the early stages of development, progress is evident. Hannah and the team of doctors who worked with her worked to advance medical practice in this area and thereby helped many children and adults whose lives will be saved by this progress in the future," Children's Hospital of Illinois said in a statement.

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