07 March 2017

A kidney instead of flowers

The Italian gave his beloved on March 8 his kidney

Sergey Startsev, RIA Novosti

On the eve of the March 8 holiday, which is widely celebrated in the Apennines, the 52-year-old Italian decided to give his 44-year-old girlfriend not a traditional bouquet of mimosa, but his own kidney.

According to local media, employees of the Turin Molinette Hospital, one of the patients suffering from a serious genetic disease — polycystic kidney disease, needed an emergency transplant. Two months ago, doctors began searching for a donor, but it soon became clear that her friend was ready to give his kidney to his beloved.

The doctors performed the necessary tests and gave the go-ahead for transplantation. The operation was successful. Now both patients are under the supervision of doctors who assess their condition as satisfactory.

Hospital staff described the man's gesture as a manifestation of great love, timed to coincide with International Women's Day.

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