06 December 2016

A new model of a spoon for parkinsonists

Antiparkinsonian spoon will help you eat soup

Nikolay Vorontsov, N+1

Liftware has developed a device called Level, which allows people with tremor of the limbs to use cutlery. You can read about the device briefly on the company's website.


Tremor of the extremities can accompany various diseases, including those manifested in Parkinson's disease. Uncontrolled trembling of the hands interferes with the performance of many daily activities, it is difficult for patients to fasten their clothes or eat on their own. As a rule, medication therapy is used to reduce tremor, but other ways to combat tremor are also being developed.

The Level Antiparkinsonian spoon is a stabilizing handle that is put on the arm and dampens the trembling of the limb. A nozzle with a spoon is attached to the handle, however, if necessary, you can separately purchase a nozzle with a fork. The built—in battery lasts for an hour of operation of the device - according to the developer, this is enough for three meals.

This is the second antiparkinsonian spoon developed by Liftware. The first version called Steady appeared back in 2013, however, it had significantly less flexibility, coped worse with tremor and was inferior in functional design — the new version is much more reliably fixed on the arm.

There are other projects of devices aimed at combating tremor — for example, the British company GyroGear promised to start selling antiparkinsonian gloves in 2016. A plastic case with a gyroscope is fixed on the back of the glove, which counteracts the tremor and, according to the developers, extinguishes from 80 to 90 percent of the tremor.

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