25 October 2017

Aging can be treated

Scientists have found an effective and safe remedy for aging

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Scientists have proven that stem cell therapy is an effective remedy for aging and has no side effects. This is stated in a study published in the journal The Journals of Gerontology (Le Couteur et al., Stem Cell Transplantation for Fraud).

During clinical trials, specialists from the USA and Australia used multipotent mesenchymal stromal stem cells (MMSCs), which have the ability to transform into bone, fat and cartilage tissues in an adult body.

Patients with an average age of 76 years were administered doses of MMSC isolated from the bone marrow of donors aged 20-45 years. After six months, the test group had improved indicators of physical activity and overall quality of life, as well as increased levels of proteins that counteract the development of tumors.

In the second part of the study, scientists organized a control group in which half of the patients received MMSC, and the others received a placebo. The specialists did not find any undesirable side effects from the therapy and confirmed its effectiveness.

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