06 July 2009

All for the fight against Alzheimer's!

The fight against Alzheimer's disease is the main topic of the 19th World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics
AMI-TASSThe World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics began its work in the French capital on Sunday.

More than 6 thousand participants from 91 countries of the world take part in it. The main topic of the four–day international forum of physicians is the fight against Alzheimer's disease. In this regard, those gathered at the Paris Palace of Congresses will analyze the latest achievements of science in this field, conduct an extensive exchange of experience.

In France, 850 thousand people suffer from Alzheimer's disease, that is, 5% of the entire age group of people over 65 years old. In the population over 85 years of age, this indicator is significantly higher and is equal to 85 percent. According to experts, as the population ages, the number of people suffering from the disease will continue to increase rapidly and will reach 2 million by 2040.

There are no medications for preventive protection against the disease and their creation by 2040 is unlikely.

In this regard, the specialists gathered in Paris will pay special attention to the early detection of the disease and new therapeutic methods that can slow down the development of the disease – both medicines and methods of psychological support for patients.

In conjunction with these issues, the latest achievements in the field of human aging biology will also be considered.

The second topic to be discussed at the International Congress of Gerontologists and Geriatricians is the prevention of abuse of the elderly, both in medical institutions and in the private sphere. The proposed measures provide for greater protection of the elderly from psychological trauma, physical pain and suffering, prevention of intimidation by others, imposing on them an unnecessarily large amount of medicines.

From 6 to 8% of people over 65 suffer from abuse in the world. Since February of this year, about 100 thousand calls from the elderly have been received to a special phone number introduced in France.

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