18 September 2009

Another secret of the aksakals

Century at the Counter: Chicago Bartender continues to work at 97
DRINKTIMEA solid age – 97 full years!

– does not bother Chicago bartender Lee Martin, who confidently declares that he will work until his bar closes itself.

According to the 97-year-old bartender, who has worked most of his life at Richard's Bar in Chicago, 3 owners of the establishment have changed in the 40 years that he has been behind the counter, but he still serves at the same place and is not going to retire.

According to an elderly bartender who celebrated his regular birthday last week, the only drawback in his work is that most of his peers have already died.

L. Martin himself never aspired to become a bartender – the job found him by itself. "Two elderly women once owned this bar, and one day when I came in here for a drink, one of them asked: Why don't you work here tonight so that my daughter can go to the store? I've been here ever since," the old man recalls. Before he started pouring drinks, L. Martin worked as a banker, and was also an employee of the Food Military Administration during World War II.

According to the current owner of the pub, the 97-year-old bartender is as inseparable a part of the bar as his old jukebox. At the same time, L. Martin feels good for the old man: smoking cessation, porridge in the morning and an active lifestyle help to maintain health. At the same time, L. Martin himself considers a good mood to be the main reason for his enviable longevity. "I'm just grateful every morning that I wake up," he says.

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