01 October 2013

Artificial cornea in Chinese

Chinese scientists have developed an artificial cornea of the eye
and successfully completed clinical trials

Xinhua News AgencyChinese scientific and technical specialists have successfully developed the first domestic artificial cornea of the eye and completed clinical trials.

The development of the new technology was carried out by one of the Chinese companies of regenerative biomedicine together with the research center of the Fourth Military Medical Academy of China within the framework of the "Program 863" - the state program to support high–tech research.

For patients with various diseases of the cornea of the eye, the only way to see the light again remains transplantation, but China's own capabilities in this area could not meet the needs of the country, in view of this, the development of technology for creating its own Chinese artificial cornea of the eye was of crucial importance, and with the success of Chinese scientists in this field, China began to have full intellectual property rights.

As clinical studies conducted in a number of medical institutions in the country have shown, the average overall effectiveness of the development has reached 94.5%.

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