09 January 2014

Asian states are catching up with America in biomedical research

The United States began to spend less on medical research

The Voice of America

Spending on biomedical research in the United States has declined. The New England Journal of Medicine has published data according to which China and Japan have significantly increased spending on biomedical research in the last five years. However, they have not yet managed to catch up with the United States – in total, they spend about half of what the United States allocates for scientific research in this area.

In 2007, the United States provided 51% of the world's allocations for biomedical research, but by 2012 their share had decreased to 45%. Over the same period of time, similar expenditures of Asian states increased from 18 to 24%. Europe's indicators have not changed – 29%.

Analysts believe that the decline in US spending is due to declining investments by private companies. It is also known that government agencies, such as the US National Institutes of Health, have also reduced funding for these programs.

The authors of the study explain the growth of investments in Asia, in particular, by the relative cheapness of production and less involvement of the government in the process of regulating such research.

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