01 October 2014

Between Belarus and Paraguay

Russia ranked 65th in the ranking of countries for the quality of life of the elderly

<url>According to the Global AgeWatch Index 2014 ranking compiled by the international charity organization HelpAge International with the support of the United Nations, Russia ranks 65th among the best countries for elderly people to live in.

This is reported on the organization's website (you can download the main content from the link and in Russian – VM).

Russia has moved from 78th to 65th place. Income guarantees for the elderly have significantly improved (37th place), the index of opportunities for Russian pensioners remains quite high (26th) - they can find a job and get an education if they want.

At the same time, according to the criterion of the favorable environment, which took into account, among other things, access to public transport, the country ranked 82nd. The report noted the poor health of the elderly (86th place). The share of the country's population over the age of 60 is estimated at 19.4% in 2014, while demographic trends continue, it will grow to 23.3% by 2030, and to 28.5% by 2050.

Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are recognized as the most favorable countries in the world for those over 60. The top ten countries also included Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland and the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

In total, there are 96 states on the list, while the study covers 89% of the number of elderly people in the world. The worst country for the elderly is Afghanistan, ranked 96th.

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