18 September 2012

Black innovators: only the tip of the iceberg is visible

NAIRIT's list of black innovators has grown by more than 1.5 times

The list of black innovators for 2011-2012, which is maintained by the National Association for Innovation and Development of Information Technology (NAIRIT) since the beginning of 2011, has grown almost one and a half times over the past year. For the first time, legal organizations appeared on this list.

The list of "black innovators" of NAIRIT includes a group of individuals (and now legal entities) who participate in competitions of innovative projects solely for the purpose of personal enrichment without the intention to conduct any creative work at the same time.

Recall that the action plan of the "black" innovators consists in submitting a legally competent application for a grant in order to develop a promising innovation project to one of the innovation support institutions. In case of receiving a grant, the required research works are either simply not carried out by them, or a formal report on their implementation is provided. Then, after "mastering" the received funds, "black" innovators submit the same applications for the next competition to some other development institute.

At the moment, the list includes fifteen names and two organizations.

According to the President of NAIRIT Olga Uskova, "the number of attackers could be orders of magnitude greater if it were not for the coordinated opposition from several public organizations in the field of innovation at once."

It is worth noting that this phenomenon is not unique to Russia. So in the USA, the order of the share of "black" projects in the total number of startups is not much lower than the Russian indicators.

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