25 July 2017

Chiped employees

Media: the American company will implant microchips to employees

RIA News

The Three Square Market company, which is located in Wisconsin, will implant microchips under the skin of 50 members of staff, the BBC reports.

It is noted that this way it is planned to simplify people's access to the company's electronic equipment. In particular, microchips will allow you to connect to computers and use office equipment.

Chips worth $ 300 will be implanted for free. The TV channel emphasizes that all participants of the project voluntarily agreed to the operation.

Earlier it was reported about a similar step by the Belgian company Newfusion, specializing in digital marketing. A subcutaneous electronic "key" containing personal data replaced the badge for employees. The size of the microprocessor does not exceed a grain of rice and costs 100 euros.

A snapshot from the company's website – VM.

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