24 May 2016

Cloning people is still prohibited

Media: the Israeli parliament has extended the ban on human cloning until 2020

Andrey Shirokov, TASS

The ban will not be affected even by the possible future availability of technology, The Jerusalem Post newspaper writes.

The Knesset (Israel's parliament) has extended the law banning human cloning for another four years. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post newspaper.

"Human cloning will remain illegal until 2020 in accordance with the law approved on Monday, even if the technology becomes available," the newspaper writes.

According to the publication, the bill, which was approved by parliament, "prohibits any techniques related to human cloning, without specifying the methods of cloning." The Jerusalem Post notes that "the law is aimed at preventing any attempts to circumvent the ban through new technologies not directly indicated in the document."

At the same time, Israeli lawmakers see a difference between cloning and the development of medical techniques that "in theory could potentially lead to the creation of human copies," the newspaper writes. "Our aspiration is to promote medical research as far as possible, for this we make the difference between research and experiments on humans and cloning (human)," the newspaper quotes the statement of the head of the Knesset Commission on Science and Technology Uri Maklev.

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