26 February 2009

Diets are different – the result is the same

The authors of the article published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study of the effectiveness of diets with different nutrient content in correcting excess weight.

811 people were randomly divided into four groups. Each group received its own diet:
1 – 20% fat, 15% protein and 65% carbohydrates;
2 – 20% fat, 25% protein and 55% carbohydrates;
3 – 40% fat, 15% protein and 45% carbohydrates;
4 – 40% fat, 25% protein and 35% carbohydrates.

In all four groups, the diet consisted of the same foods in different proportions, it corresponded to the recommendations for maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system (no more than 8% saturated fatty acids, at least 20 g of fiber per day, no more than 150 mg of cholesterol per 1000 kcal). The diet contained 750 kcal /day less energy value than the required calculated. The participants were monitored for two years. 80% of the participants completed the study.

The results of the study were as follows:

– In all groups, by the sixth month of follow-up, the average body weight loss was approximately the same and amounted to 6 kg (about 7% of the participant's initial body weight). After 12 months, the body weight began to increase again.

– By the end of the second year of observation, the weight loss in different groups was almost the same – on average 3-4 kg. At the same time, from 14% to 15% of the participants lost at least 10% of their body weight (10-12 kg).

– All groups experienced equal satiety and satisfaction with the food consumed.

– In all groups, there was an improvement in the lipid profile of the blood, as well as fasting blood insulin levels.

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