12 February 2008

Do you like sour? Watch your teeth!

Sugar is not the only enemy of teeth. The acids that make up food, carbonated drinks, juices and wine also contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel and tooth decay. In the February issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, experts offer recommendations for reducing the harm caused to teeth by acidic foods and drinks.

Restriction of use
In addition to limiting the use of carbonated and energy drinks, wine and juice, it is necessary to pay attention to fruit sweets, citrus fruits and dishes containing vinegar.

Time of use
It is most harmful to eat acidic food before going to bed, because during sleep, the production of saliva decreases, which has an alkaline reaction and not only dilutes, but also neutralizes acids.

Proper drinking
The use of straws when drinking carbonated drinks and juices minimizes the contact of acids with the surface of the teeth. Sour drinks are better to drink quickly: it also reduces the effect of acids on tooth enamel.

The use of acid-containing products as part of complex dishes contributes to the neutralization and removal of acids. After eating acidic food or drinks, it is recommended to eat a piece of cheese, rinse your mouth with water or a fluoride-containing rinse aid.

Timely cleaning of teethIt is most effective to brush your teeth with a fluoride-containing paste 30 minutes before eating acidic foods.
And brushing your teeth immediately after eating such food should be avoided.

Sometimes it's better to chew than talkChewing gum without sugar stimulates the release of saliva, which reduces the concentration of acid due to neutralization and dilution.

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