10 July 2015

Domestic insulin pump will replace imported ones

Novouralsky "Medsintez" started registration of an insulin pump

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Novouralsky "Medsintez Plant" has started registration of a new insulin pump. It is expected that the device will be able to completely replace foreign expensive analogues.

"Currently, the developers plan to launch pumps into production at prices 20-25% lower than foreign analogues. So, the average price of a foreign pump is from 120 to 160 thousand rubles. Plus consumables, which take about 8 thousand rubles a month," the information policy department of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region said in a statement.

A pump is a device that allows you to inject drugs without using syringes. The pump is attached to the body using a catheter, and then a program is set according to which the required dose of insulin is released. According to Alexander Petrov, an employee of the Ural Biomedical Cluster, due to the cost of the device in Russia, only 1% of diabetics use insulin pumps. "It's very expensive. Prices for imported pumps reach 250 thousand rubles. But over time, foreign manufacturers will leave the market, it will be a completely domestic development," Petrov believes.

A new insulin pump from a Russian manufacturer, which was presented at the Innoprom-2015 exhibition, will allow more patients with diabetes to use this method of insulin administration.

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