26 August 2016

Don't clone mammoths!

Scientists: cloning mammoths is dangerous for the environment


While some scientists dream of cloning mammoths, others consider it unsafe for the environment. The text of the study can be found in the journal Functional Ecology (McCauley et al., A mammoth understanding: harnessing insight from functional ecology to shape de-extinction priority setting).

Scientists used the method of computer modeling and found out that it is better to abandon the idea of cloning mammoths. Over the thousands of years since their extinction, the flora and fauna of the Earth have changed significantly. They will have nothing to eat; in addition, mammoths will quickly become infected with various infections.

In addition, according to scientists, the revival of mammoths will lead to a violation of the balance in wildlife and is fraught with dangers to the environment. According to the authors of the study, animals can be cloned only in small numbers and exclusively for keeping in a zoo or conducting various studies with them.

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