04 February 2008

Educated people live six years longer than the ignorant

The usefulness of a good education and a good job has once again been proved by studies of Finnish doctors, which have shown that over the past 20 years, the difference in health status among representatives of different social strata has become more noticeable.

In particular, specialists of the Ministry of Health and Social Security of Finland found that a 35-year-old employee with a higher education has better health indicators compared to his peer worker. As a result, representatives of the first category live on average six years longer. For women, the difference was not so noticeable, and the life expectancy of a businesswoman or civil servant is predicted to be only 3.3 years longer than that of her peers from the "lower" society. Doctors explain these results by the fact that people with a higher social status are more responsible for following the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, whereas in poorer families people are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, smoke more and drink alcohol.

Earlier, Finnish doctors also revealed a link between the place of residence and a tendency to a healthy lifestyle. Residents of the capital region often follow a diet and exercise, while in the province many continue to eat unhealthy food in the old way. On the other hand, metropolitan residents are more likely to abuse alcohol, while smoking in the country of Suomi is becoming an increasingly provincial habit.

In general, doctors state that Finns, regardless of their place of residence and income level, have begun to think more about their health and safety than in the past decades.


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