26 October 2012

Either Roche stole, or Roche was stolen…

An investigation has been launched into the case of concealing the side effects of Roche drugs

Copper newsThe European Medicines Agency (EMA) has launched an investigation into the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, which is suspected of violating the rules established by the European Commission for reporting numerous potential side effects of 19 drugs it produces, including the anticancer drug herceptin and the anti-influenza drug tamiflu, Medical News Today reports (Roche Failed To Report Thousands Of Drug Side Effects, Facing Fines).

The revealed violations on the part of Roche were reported earlier this year by the British pharmaceutical regulator MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), which found that the company had not properly analyzed about 80 thousand reports received from the United States about cases of possible side effects of manufactured drugs, including 15,161 cases of patient death.

Roche, in turn, draws attention to the fact that all the reports about the potential side effects of its drugs in question came not from the medical community, but from the American Patient Support Program and therefore were not included in the company's database. As emphasized in Roche, information about possible side effects of the use of drugs comes to the company through other, professional channels and in this case is processed accordingly.

Meanwhile, the EMA reports that, despite the investigation being conducted against Roche, none of the drugs produced by the company is being withdrawn from the market, and no restrictions are imposed on their use, since there is no confirmed evidence of the negative consequences of taking them.

EMA plans to complete the investigation by March 2013, after which a report on its results will be sent to the European Commission, which, in turn, will issue a verdict of Roche's guilt. If the company is found guilty of the alleged violations, it will be fined five percent of the total European sales, which in 2011 amounted to over $ 13 billion. Thus, the amount of the fine may amount to $ 685 million.

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