12 March 2008

Electronic health card

"Electronic Health Card" is a computer database that was developed at the Medical Information and Analytical Center /MIAC/ RAMS with the participation of specialists of the Moscow Medical Academy of the I.M.Sechenov MMA. "Electronic Health card" is a program written to a flash memory card. It combines the simplicity of its use, as well as a wide range of possibilities for entering medical data – from the fact of visiting a doctor to attaching files of any type, including graphic images of the results of special studies (X-rays, ultrasound, computed tomograms). At the same time, the data of laboratory tests and examinations can be entered by a doctor or the owner of the "Electronic Health Card" himself.

With the help of the card, a variety of information is displayed on the computer screen. For example, transferred diseases, laboratory tests, and graphically you can observe the dynamics of changes in important health indicators. In addition, the program allows you to monitor body mass index, cholesterol changes, blood pressure and even help to adequately adjust lifestyle and physical activity, which will undoubtedly appeal to healthy people who want to maintain their health for as long as possible.

"Electronic health card" meets all the requirements of the Russian standard "Electronic medical history. General provisions", which was approved and put into effect by the Order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation GOST R 52636-2006 dated 27.12.2006 No. 407-art. In the near future, the "Electronic Health Card" will go on sale and will be available to every Russian, the MIAC RAMS assured.

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