13 March 2009

Google vs. Parkinsonism

Google founder Sergey Brin intends to finance a study of Parkinson's disease, which will involve 10 thousand patients suffering from this disease, writes the New York Times. The project will be implemented by the biotech company 23andMe, co-owned by Brin's wife Anna Wojcicki.

The main activity of 23andMe is genetic research, including DNA sequencing of individuals. During the planned study, the company will decode the genomes of thousands of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. Unlike ordinary customers, the study participants will pay for this service not 399, but only 25 dollars.

The recruitment of volunteers will be carried out with the assistance of the Parkinson's Disease Institute and Clinical Center, as well as the Michael Fox Parkinson's Disease Research Foundation.  The result of the study may be the discovery of new, previously unknown genetic risk factors for this serious disease.

In September last year, Sergey Brin told in his blog about the G2019S mutation found in him in the LRRK2 gene, the presence of which is associated with a significant risk of developing Parkinson's disease during life. The carrier of the G2019S mutation is also Sergey Brin's mother Evgenia Brin, who suffers from this disease. Genetic studies that revealed mutations were also conducted in the 23andMe laboratory.

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