11 January 2009

Health workers turn a blind eye to the mistakes of colleagues

80% of American doctors and half of nurses see the mistakes of their colleagues, but are silent, according to Reuters.

VitalSmarts consulting group conducted a survey in which only 10% of doctors reported that they talked about the mistakes of colleagues. The survey was conducted among 1,700 medical workers. 84% of doctors, 62% of nurses and other medical staff said they saw their colleagues making appointments that could be dangerous for patients. 88% of doctors and 48% of the average medical staff said that they feel that they work in an environment of incompetent people.

According to the researchers, this is a very serious problem that needs to be solved. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals urgently need to stop being afraid or shy to talk about mistakes, incompetent colleagues and other problems that can harm patients, experts say.

In the USA alone, according to 1999 studies, 100,000 Americans die every year due to medical errors. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, the HealthGrades campaign estimates that by 2004 this figure was already 195 thousand per year.

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