17 November 2020

Healthy life in Russia

Ministry of Labor: healthy life expectancy of Russians was less than 60 years

IA Znak

The expected healthy life expectancy of the average resident of Russia in 2020 was 58.9 years. This is stated in the letter of the Ministry of Labor sent to the governors of the Russian regions (available Znak.com ). The indicators are formed on the basis of operational data for January–September 2020 and selective observation of the health status of the population.

The lowest healthy life expectancy is expected in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 43.9 years. In the Jewish Autonomous Region, this figure reaches 48.3 years, and in the Republic of Mari El – 49.9 years. In the Urals, this indicator fluctuates around 57 years: it is 56.4 years for the Sverdlovsk region, 56.6 years for the Tyumen region, 57.1 years for Yamal, 57.3 years for the Kurgan region and 57.9 years for the Chelyabinsk region. In the Far East, healthy life expectancy is predicted to reach 55-57 years: in the Khabarovsk Territory – 55.3 years, in Primorye – 56.8 years.

The Ministry of Labor predicts the longest healthy life for residents of Dagestan (68.2 years), Tatarstan (66.9 years) and the Chechen Republic (66.4 years). High rates in KhMAO-Yugra (62.4 years), Moscow (61.6 years) and Yaroslavl region (61 years). In St. Petersburg, this value is closer to the Russian average – 59.2 years.


An infographic about three indicators of life expectancy: "healthy", retired and in general in Russia and Europe can be viewed here – VM.

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