28 August 2014

Hello, Doctor!

Find out the diagnosis by phone

Alexander Meleshenko, Rossiyskaya GazetaMoscow doctors began to receive patients by phone.

So far, the project has been launched in test mode in the North-Eastern district of the capital, but in the future it is promised to be distributed throughout the city.

The principle of the service is simple – anyone with a complaint about well-being or with a question can call the information and consultation point, where a therapist or a doctor trained in emergency care is on duty.

If necessary, doctors will call the caller an ambulance, make an appointment with a doctor or just give advice. In addition, doctors will be able to find out the nuances of the organization of medical care – how to make an appointment, where to get examined, which doctor to contact with your problem, which medications are included in the preferential list and in which pharmacies they can be obtained.

Residents of SVAO can already ask for help by phone 8 (495) 471-01-59. The first information and advisory point is open from 8.00 to 16.45, but in the future the working hours of the points may change.

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