15 February 2010

Hello, master! It's time to take a pill!

The cell phone will become the owner's personal doctorSvetlana Chistyakova, columnist for Ruformator
A mobile phone is a thing that is always carried with you.

A person may forget a watch, an umbrella, a handkerchief at home, but the phone will most likely be with him. Doctors decided to take advantage of this fact.

As you know, when taking medications, the most important thing is not to forget to take the right pill in time. For a busy office worker, an elderly pensioner or just a distracted person, this often turns into an impossible task.

Pharmaceutical companies, whose sales directly depend on whether patients will take their prescribed medications on time, together with major mobile operators are developing a new type of service – SMS messages with a reminder to take a pill. One of these services – Take Your Pills – is already operating in the United States and Canada. Every day at a certain time, the subscriber who subscribes to the service receives a reminder message. You can subscribe for a period of 1 month to a year.

Another way to remind the patient about the need to take a pill was offered by the American firm Vitality, The Economist reports. The company has developed an electronic device in the form of a nozzle on the lid of a jar with tablets. If the medicine was not taken on time, then a call with a voice reminder is received on the patient's mobile phone.

The French company Orange has created an application for a mobile phone that takes readings from a heart monitor installed on the patient's body and sends them via the Internet to his attending physician.

And Philips is developing so-called "smart pills". After swallowing, such a tablet will be moved to the right place in the digestive tract with the help of a tiny microchip placed on the surface of the tablet. Doctors believe that such a decision can increase the effectiveness of medications taken several times.

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