25 March 2015

Honorary American Scientists

Scientists Igor Efimov and Alexander Kabanov were elected honorary members of the Institute in the USA

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Russian and American scientists – Igor Efimov and Alexander Kabanov – have been elected honorary members of the American Institute of Biomedical Engineering, part of the US National Academy of Sciences. This was announced on Tuesday at a symposium at the Russian Embassy in Washington by the President of the International Association of Russian-speaking Academic Science (RASA) Vladimir Shiltsev.

Igor Efimov, who also participated in the symposium, said that he received a badge of professional distinction last week – for his contribution to medical instrumentation and the development of a new method of defibrillation for atrial fibrillation. According to him, this is "a huge problem, including in Russia, where at least two million patients suffer from this disease, but, unfortunately, do not have many opportunities for treatment." Siberian Efimov, who once worked at the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino, is now engaged in this topic at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also a member of the Association of Russian–speaking Scientists in America, an integral part of RASA.

Alexander Kabanov did not come to the Washington symposium, because he is presenting in Russia a book in memory of his father, academician–chemist Viktor Kabanov. He himself now heads the Karolinska Institute of Nanomedicine and Molecular Pharmacy at North Carolina University. He was inducted into the American Academic Institute for breakthrough achievements in the work on "polymer nanosystems for drug delivery". In 2010, he received a grant from the Russian government and founded a laboratory in the same profile at his alma mater - MSU.

Vladimir Shiltsev illustrated the achievements of the Russian scientific school in the USA with a story about the success of his colleagues. A similar picture, according to him, is observed in his own scientific field – physics. He himself currently heads the Accelerator Physics Center at the Fermi National Laboratory of the USA.

In Washington, RASA scientists gathered to continue the conversation about what exactly they can be useful to Russia now. The Russian side was represented at the meeting by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lyudmila Ogorodova and representatives of several Russian universities.

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