20 July 2009

How many times have they told the world...

Only four habits are needed for a healthy lifestyle
Larisa Saenko, RIA Novosti

Only four habits are needed for a healthy lifestyle and active longevity – quitting smoking, daily consumption of vegetables and fruits, maintaining optimal weight and small physical activity up to 2.5 hours a week, according to the influential medical journal American Journal of Medicine.

"These are four pillars that support a healthy lifestyle," the newspaper writes.

However, the results of a published study that covered 15,708 Americans aged 45 to 64 years, revealed that only 8% of them follow this golden rule of longevity.

Despite the active anti-smoking propaganda in the United States, about 20% of the population is still committed to smoking, and the number of overweight people has increased in 23 states over the past two years.

American scientists have named other most harmful habits that prematurely destroy the body – neglect of immunization with excessive faith in the miraculous power of drugs, an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep and stress.

Doctors strongly recommend giving up the habit of watching TV, as one of the most dangerous for health. In the US, the average American sits at the TV for 2.5 hours on weekdays and more than three hours on weekends. Doctors believe that, as a rule, this is an aimless passive pastime that distracts from useful things.

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