23 January 2013

How to get to an organ transplant without waiting in line?

735 thousand Israelis agreed to donate their organs for transplantation after death

ISRAlandIn recent days, 15,000 Israelis have signed consent forms to donate their organs for transplantation after death.

Each signatory of such a form receives a special "ADI" card. The National Center for Transplantation (NCTI) has conducted another campaign to involve compatriots in the "ADI" program. Mobile points for filling out forms have been deployed in many localities.

As they say in the NCTI, the total number of Israelis with an "ADI" card has reached 735 thousand. (The population of Israel is about 8 million people, i.e. every tenth person is in the "queue without a queue".)

Recall that the card holder gets an advantage if he himself needs organ transplantation. In other words, in the queue for donor organs, the owner of "ADI" bypasses those who do not have a card.

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