10 October 2013

Human papillomavirus vaccine is safe

Scientists have confirmed the safety of the vaccine against cervical cancer

RemediumA joint group of scientists from Sweden and Denmark conducted a research work, the result of which was the conclusion about the relative safety of vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, reports Drug Discovery and Development (No Serious Adverse Reactions to HPV Vaccination).

The study examined the medical records of almost a million girls born in 1988-2000. 300,000 of them were vaccinated against HPV at the age of 10-17 years, the remaining 700,000 were not vaccinated. The scientific group monitored the cases of the participants of the study of any of 53 different diseases that require the help of medical workers or hospitalization (for example, thrombosis, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases). As a result, it was found that the incidence of diseases in both groups was approximately at the same level, as a result of which the researchers concluded that vaccination was not associated with an increased risk of serious health problems. It is worth noting that side effects such as temporary fever and swelling of the injection site were not taken into account by doctors.

The safety of immunization against the HPV virus is questionable in many patients, primarily representatives of conservative religious groups, but Swedish researchers insist on the safety of the vaccine, although they note that they will continue to monitor the immunized girls. In Sweden, the Gardasil vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co. is used for HPV vaccination.

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