23 April 2009

In all respects questionable experiences

Scientists and ethicists unite to attack doctor's clone plan
Steve Connor, The Independent, 23 April 2009
Scientists and medical ethics experts have jointly condemned plans for human cloningTranslation: Inopressa
Yesterday, scientists and specialists in medical ethics condemned experiments on the implantation of cloned human embryos into the uterus of women.

We are talking about a procedure that was carried out by the infamous infertility treatment specialist Panagiotis Zavos, according to his interview with the Independent. "Zavos claims to have created 14 cloned embryos and implanted 11 into the wombs of four women who volunteered to carry cloned children; however, none of them became pregnant," recalls journalist Steve Connor.

Leading specialists in infertility treatment stated that Zavos has not yet confirmed his claims with scientific data, since he does not publish his results in reputable scientific journals. "He uses the hopes of childless spouses as a springboard for his ambitions," says Alastair Kent, director of the charity Genetic Interest Group, which helps families suffering from hereditary diseases. "Let Zavos allow specialists to check his conclusions. If he is really a master of his craft, he has nothing to fear. Otherwise, it is necessary to protect potential patients from his actions," Kent added.

For his part, Zavos says that many of his works have already been published in scientific journals, but some publications reject his manuscripts without reading them, as they consider human cloning for reproductive purposes illegal and immoral. Zavos claims that cloning methods have become much safer nowadays, but reproductive biology specialist Wolf Reik from the Bebreham Institute (Cambridge) objects: "The vast majority of cloned embryos are still not gestating or are born with abnormalities." According to Rake, it is too early to switch to human cloning.

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