17 May 2016

In the United States, a penis was transplanted for the first time

For the first time, American doctors performed a penis transplant operation on a 64-year-old cancer patient. If the technique is successfully tested, the transplant will be able to help return normal life to the crippled people, among whom there are many soldiers who were hit by a bomb explosion.

The operation was performed for Thomas Manning, a resident of Halifax, Massachusetts. The procedure was implemented in the main hospital of the state and lasted 15 hours. Now the patient feels well. So far, doctors are expressing cautious optimism about whether Manning will be able to go to the toilet or live a sexual life as a result. He lost his penis as a result of aggressive genital cancer in 2012. Doctors believe that his psychological state will play a big role in his recovery.

The transplant was received from a deceased donor, whose identity has not been disclosed. In the near future, American doctors intend to repeat this operation in 4 more hospitals.

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